New! Photo prints for sale

As anyone who knows me or who has visited my website before will know, I love photography. I really enjoy the process of taking photos, editing them, getting to know the technology etc. As someone who can’t sing, play music, paint or draw, photography is my one creative outlet that I am reasonably ok at. Well, for the first time I’m making available a selection of my photography for sale so even more people can enjoy what I do. I’m really not sure if there’ll be any demand but it has been an interesting process to get to understand the technology behind ecommerce websites so I’ve already gained, and whatever interest I generate for my hobby will be a plus. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

I’m using Shopify to manage the orders, and will print them on high quality 1.9cm thick canvas via a local printer I trust and ship them manually to wherever in the world you happen to come from. This is the very beginning of an experiment, and I’m really just testing the waters to see what demand there might be. So for now I’ve chosen a small selection of photos but will consider adding more if there is any demand for it. Wish me luck!

Below is a small selection. Visit or click ‘Photography‘ above for lots more.

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