Long Exposure Photography

car lights
car lights
originally uploaded by Ragorder.com.

Don’t tell anyone, but while driving home on Friday night I put my Canon 400d on the dashboard of my car, set the shutter speed to 10 seconds and started clicking. There were some interesting results – this one being the best of the lot. I think what makes it stand out are all the colours, and the fact that some of the streaks are in the top of the picture. The signs in the approach to the Port Tunnel on the M1 in Dublin are what generated these nice colours. I’ll be trying this again while bearing in mind that the more dispersed the colours are in the frame, the better.

As usual, I processed this in Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Mac to bring out the colours, and to add the movie-like borders at the top and bottom. These were inspired by one of my favourite photographers on flickr, concretewindow. Hope you enjoy the shot as much as I do. Click the image to see it larger.

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