Ian Brown – The World Is Yours – Review

The fact that this is appearing here and not in Davies Music Corner gives a hint of what’s to come. If it were any good, it would be in the latter location, not here on the world renowned blog of mark stanley. No.

Uncut sum it up nicely in their review – some snippets from that review in keyword format: lyrical platitudes and flat-footed arrangements, a fairly conservative mix of choppy guitars and programmed strings, melodic grace and lyrical epiphanies are in short supply, half-realised potential …. you get the idea.

Pity then, in a way, that I’m going to see him in a tent in Dublins Phoenix Park on Sunday. Last time I saw him in Dublins Olympia to support the release of Solarized, it was an excellent gig. In fact it was more of a Stone Roses gig than an Ian Brown one thanks to all the tracks of the former they played. Didn’t bother me – they rocked. If that happens this time we’ll be ok. If they play this latest drivel, I’ll be packing up my belongings and running away with the circus.

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