The GAA & – it could be so much better

I’m a GAA fan. Not die-hard, but a what I would describe as a ‘keen supporter’. I’m not the ‘travel the length and breadth of the country following my home county’ type supporter, but I usually go to a dozen or so games each year and I really enjoy that time with family. I’m not particularly affiliated to any club – I’m a county supporter and attend both league and championship games from February through to September, and as many of them as I can possibly get to. The games I don’t see in person, I watch on TV – though I don’t go so far as to subscribe to Sky Sports for the privilege. We won’t go there!

As I’m not a member of a club, I buy all my tickets directly online, on the only site that sells them – I am a registered user of the site and the buying process is pretty straightforward in most cases. Despite some other claims they make, the only real advantage of being registered for the site is that it stores your payment details, making the checkout process a few steps shorter. Other than that, it’s a pretty basic and totally unpersonalised buying experience.

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Google Map of Dublin GAA Clubs

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One thing we don’t do so well in Ireland is posting maps links on websites. Case in point – GAA Clubs. Lots of people all over Dublin/Ireland visit other clubs for away matches, and don’t necessarily know where the club is. I come across this all the time so to help get around this I’ve been working on a Google Map of Dublin GAA Clubs which I’ve visited recently. I’ll continue to update this map as time goes by. Hopefully it proves useful to others as well as me.