Photography post-processing

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Another recent rework of a photo I took. I’ve been doing some more Photoshop work recently – an area of digital photography I’m getting more interested in. The more I get into it, the more I realise it’s a fantastic tool to get more out of what you take with a digital camera. Some say it’s cheating but I personally feel that it’s as much a part of the process of taking digital photographs as professional developing is with standard film cameras. In this example, I feel I’ve managed to turn what was quite an ordinary picture of an interesting subject into something a little more special. While not technically perfect (the padlock is a little overexposed), I think I’ve improved the original and if nothing else, I got some personal satisfaction and enjoyment out of the process and the end result.

Click the image to go over to my flickr account and compare the processed version with the orifinal shot. Enjoy !

Seascape – Cahore, Co Wexford

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I’ve been doing some photoshop work recently – updating shots I took in the past – to improve my photoshopping skills, but also to get some photography work done without having time to get out and about with my camera. This shot is one of my more successful efforts. If you click the photo it will bring you to flickr, where you can see the original for comparison. Enjoy.