Barbra Streisand Auction – What a joke !

One thing that makes me sick is the price of tickets to gigs in Ireland. How the likes of The Police, U2, and other entertainers and their promotors charge the amount they do for one evenings entertainment is beyond me. And then ticketmaster add a crazy booking fee on top. Then you pay way over the odds for crappy beer in plactic cups at the event. But this takes the biscuit – for the latest rip-off, the Barbra Streisand gig in Kildare, ticketmaster are actually auctioning the tickets for the first five rows. What a complete and utter rip-off. It’s disgusting. Personally you’d have to pay me to sit through Ms Streisand, but that’s just a matter of taste. Those who want to see attend these events should be able to pay a reasonable price to go. The standard prices are high, and the idea of auctioning tickets is a scandal.

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